Warts and Verruca

Warts and Verruca Removal & Treatment

Foot warts and verrucas are common lesions usually affecting the hands and feet caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They can be embarrassing and sometimes painful when they occur on the bottom of your foot. They are also contagious and can spread from direct person to person contact.  The podiatry team at our clinic in Southsea near Portsmouth are trained and equipped to provide a range of verucca removals and wart treatments that are safe and effective.

We offer a range of different treatments all of which aim to stimulate the body’s own immune system into recognising the presence of the virus and fighting it. This includes the cutting-edge SWIFT microwave therapy.

 Warts and verrucas often require more than one treatment. Our podiatrists will be able to advise you on the different treatments available and create a treatment plan that suits you.

Foot Wart Treatment

To remove verrucas and warts, our experienced team will examine your wart to determine which treatment is most effective. Some foot wart treatments require it to be cut away. The area will be numbed beforehand, and disinfected, to treat any remaining skin infection. Freezing therapy is another effective form of wart removal.


SWIFT Microwave Therapy

Our clinic in Southsea provides the latest innovation in wart and verruca treatment – SWIFT microwave therapy. This works by generating heat within the surrounding tissue. This triggers an immune response in the body. This natural response attacks the virus that is the root cause of the problem, which leads to the wart or verruca disappearing on its own without invasive treatment.

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