Fungal Nail Treatment, Southsea

Treatments for Thick Nails and Fungal Nail Infections

Have your toe nails lost their healthy natural appearance, or are they thick and causing discomfort? You may be experiencing a fungal nail infection.

A fungal toe nail can present in a variety of ways

  • A yellow/brown appearance
  • White spots or white/yellow patches or streak in the nail
  • Brittle toe nails that lift from the nail bed, with debris beneath
  • Thicker nails which are hard to cut
  • A foul odour coming from toe nails

Find out if it really is a fungal toe nail

At our clinic near Portsmouth, we offer a 5-minute quick and easy fungal nail infection test that offers 97% accuracy for most common toe nail fungi.

Toe nail fungus can be very difficult to treat and often patients come to us after trying many at-home treatments. It is important to break the cycle of infection and the Podiatrists at Flex clinic in Southsea work hard with our patients to help them successfully resolve the infection.

What treatments can we offer?

Depending on the severity of your fungal nail infection we offer a range of treatment packages to suit you.

Lunula Laser Treatment

Our treatment packages include everything you need to help your nails regain their health, including our Erchonia Lunula laser treatment. This is a cold laser treatment which triggers a chemical reaction within the body to target the nail fungus. It also improves the blood circulation to the area making the nail regrowth up to 3 times faster than without it.

It is pain-free and takes about 20 mins.

The Lunula laser treatment is a more natural approach as it uses the body’s own reaction to clear the fungus, it is extremely safe and has none of the risks or harmful side effects of oral antifungals.

Chronic fungal nail infection treatments

Sometimes we would recommend nail removal before you begin your laser treatment, if you have tried over the counter treatments without success or your infection is severe.

The benefits of this include a better look to your nail straight away. Once the nail bed has healed from surgery (approximately a week) the discomfort of a thick nail and the unsightly appearance are gone straightaway. It also helps to break the reinfection cycle.

Want to read further into how the Lunula laser works as a treatment for thick nails and fungal infections? Click Here. 

Take a step towards healthy feet & contact us.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our clinic in Southsea. A  member of our team will be happy to help. Call us using our phone number, or fill out a contact form here. Our clinic is within easy reach of Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

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