Foot Corn and Callus Treatment

Treatments for Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are areas of hard skin that develop over prominent or weight bearing areas of the foot. They can be caused by pressure or friction often due to ill-fitting footwear. As they can take up space in your shoe or grow on the part of your foot that touches the ground when you walk, you may experience discomfort. The team at Flex have everything they need to remove foot corns and calluses safely and effectively, so you can get back to enjoying movement and walking with confidence.

Corn Treatment

A corn is a small area of hard and thick skin, usually round in shape. They tend to start on parts of the foot with the most friction or pressure. Common causes of foot corns can be tight fitting shoes, or anything that causes friction in the same spot over time. When treating corns, our podiatrists will assess your feet to discover any underlying causes, and then create a personalised corn treatment plan that can include gentle but instant removal with special tools. We can also recommend specialised orthotics or padding for your shoes that can distribute pressure more evenly, and stop any irritation, preventing more corns developing.

Callus Treatment

Similar to corns, calluses are larger areas of thickened and hard skin that develop as a result of rubbing and excessive pressure on one part of your foot. Removing a foot callus can include techniques such as debridement – the use of specialised tools to cut away the callused area. This can provide instant relief of irritation. To prevent calluses from developing again, podiatrists will also use personalised orthotic devices and moisturising creams to keep skin soft and hydrated. Alongside callus treatment and hard skin removal, we can offer preventative foot care advice so you can prevent foot corns and calluses developing again.

Hard Skin Removal

Hard skin can often be painful and can fissure and crack causing sore areas that are open to infection.

Our HCPC registered podiatrists at our Southsea clinic are trained in sharps debridement and will remove the hard skin leaving you more comfortable.

We can also make bespoke devices and padding that will help keep you comfortable longer term.

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